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2013 New Year Message

 At the beginning of New Year, all things take on a new start. I, on behalf of the Group, give my best wishes and sincere greetings to the staff, retired veteran cadres, families of cadre & staff, the friends of all circles, and all their families.

In 2010, the Group set up one important milestone after another in its development history with “High Enthusiasm, Great Influence, Rapid Development, High Profit.” Facing the negative factors of post-crisis era, and numerous difficulties caused by complicated and changeable market environments, the Group has strengthened confidence, composedly managed, united together, worked hard, achieved the annual main business income of RMB 6 billion, realized doubled revenue, and re-created the brilliant achievements. The gold output was increased from 12 tons in 2009 to 18 tons in 2010. Humon Group Co., Ltd. was chosen as Excellent Enterprise of National Environmental Protection and Shandong High-tech Enterprise. The “HUMON” unprocessed gold or gold foil produced by Yantai Humon Group Co., Ltd., and “Three Nine” abrasion resistance pump and additives, “HUMON” xanthate (industrial chemical for beneficiation) produced by Yantai Humon Group Co., Ltd. Pump Branch Office were awarded Shandong Famous Trademark respectively. A batch of projects, including comprehensive recovery of complex gold concentrate, were smoothly accomplished and put into production. The income level of the staff was continuously improved. The integration of raw material base was implemented rapidly. The real estate developed steadily. The integration of the village and enterprise highlighted social responsibility. The comprehensive strength and risk resistance capability of the enterprise were obviously enhanced, and its influence and driving force to local economy were improved. The implementation of Humon development strategy made remarkable achievements by stages, which indicated that Humon Group would achieve the objective of “RMB Ten Billion” in advance and a new starting point of rapid development.

The achievements depend on the care of Party Committees and People’s Governments at all levels, the great support of relative departments, and the wisdom, strength and sweat of all cadre and staff. Give my sincere thanks to the friends of all circles, and old retried cadres for their supports to the development of Humon Group, as well as to the cadre, staff and their families for their hard working.

“The 12th Five-year Plan” will be implemented in 2011, which is the “Reform & Opening-up Year” of Humon Group. Humon Group will further implement scientific outlook on development, adhere to “Profit First, Quality Supreme”, pay special attention to development, actively promote the project construction and technology advancement, vigorously introduce and cultivate various kinds of talents, further strengthen basic management, promote managements upgrades, increase revenue and create benefits. Although the market competition is complicated and changeable, and contains many uncertain factors, Humon Group will overcome any difficulties, and realize new development from a new starting point, provided it further emancipate minds, change ideas, elevate realm, promote innovation with clearer ideas, look for cooperation with broader minds, and plan development with broader vision.

General Manager of Humon Group Wang Jiahao


  恒邦集团公司总经理 王家好



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