Corporate Culture

Values: Gold Quality, Credit, Dedication
Spirit: Regulation-abiding, Industrious, Pragmatic, Innovative, Development
Connotation: Human Orientation, Endless Succession
Concept: Human Orientation, Sustainable Development
Style: Resolute, Credible
Environmental Protection Concept: If the Enterprise does not Eliminate Pollution, the Pollution will Destruct the Enterprise。
Morality: Virtue, Credit
Learning Concept: Happy in Hard Work, Proud in Updating Knowledge
Competition Concept: Those Who Can Conquer Themselves Can Vanquish the Opponent. The Real Opponent is Yourself.
Employment Concept: Put Capable People into Important Positions, While Perfect People Are Not Required. Pursue Excellence instead of Perfection.
Safety Concept: Keep Safety in Production
Objective: Construct a First-class Enterprise Group, Establish First-class Style, Produce First-class Products, Create First-class Enterprises.
Quality Philosophy: Intensify Quality Awareness, Establish Market Concept, Maintain Product Reputation, Create Humon Brand.
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